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Gregory Oswald Griffin Sr.You can always tell a Morehouse Man you just can't tell him much! My mother says you can't tell him anything!

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, President of Morehouse College from 1940-1967 said in his charge to the Graduating Class of 1961:

"There is an air of expectancy at Morehouse College. It is expected that the student who enters here will do well. It is also expected that once a man bears the insignia of a Morehouse graduate he will do exceptionally well. We expect nothing less..."

I quickly learned on August 29, 1976, my first day on campus, that Morehouse holds a crown above the heads of her students. She then challenges them to grow tall enough to wear it. Morehouse College was ranked number one in the Black Enterprise Day Star List as the best college for African Americans, Morehouse College is the largest liberal arts college for men. Founded in 1867, the college enrolls approximately 3000 students and confers bachelors' degrees on more black men than any other institution in the world. It is the nation's only historically black, private liberal arts college for men.

What is it about this small black college that prompted Oprah Winfrey to contribute millions of dollars? On March 2, 2001, legendary entertainer Ray Charles astonished guests during Morehouse College's annual "A Candle in the Dark" Gala by presenting a check for $1 million. It is the "Morehouse Mystique" that touches these generous people.

Every Morehouse Man posses this mystique. Morehouse men all over the world perplex the minds of those who meet them. People are simply bewildered by these men. They are revered the world over.

Most Spelman Women want a Morehouse Man for their husband. They also find him irresistible. Most of these men are in addition to being intelligent, extremely handsome. Years ago many parents sent their daughters to Spelman College for the sole purpose of finding a Morehouse man to marry. (A few were sent to Fisk University to find a Meharry doctor.) Ironically today many parents are sending their sons to Morehouse College in hopes that he will marry a Spelman Woman. There are people who still believe today that the Spelman Woman is to the Morehouse Man as Eve was to Adam. The Garden of Eden is the Spelman Campus and the Apple is for either of them (Morehouse Man or Spelman Woman) to date someone from "MO BROWN"!

The mission of Morehouse College is to provide a comprehensive academic, social and spiritual experience that will prepare its students for leadership and success in the larger society. The school is led by Dr. Walter E. Massey, class of 1958, he is a noted physicist, former director of the National Science Foundation and former provost of the University of California. The student body represents more than 40 states and 12 foreign countries. Morehouse has 168 Full-time faculty. Ninety-four point seven percent of assistant professors and above hold doctorate degrees.

Some of Morehouse College prominent alumni include: Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Peace Prize laureate and civil rights leader., Samuel L. Jackson, Academy Award nominee and motion picture actor; Shelton "Spike" Lee, filmmaker and president of Forty Acres and a Mule; and Dr. David Satcher, US Surgeon General; Atlanta's first African American mayor Maynard Jackson and Montgomery Philanthropist Attorney Tyrone Means.

Greg Griffin is a columnist for the historic Montgomery-Tuskegee Times. He may be contacted at

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